Learn How To Tie Gele With Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Adenike Ogungbe of Ewar Makeovers

We shared her photo over a week ago, and not too long ago she shared the ‘How To Tie Gele’ tutorial with us and now we are excited to share with you our readers and hopefully you will get some inspiring tips from her.

In this how to tie gele video tutorial you will learn how to tie gele with a professional wedding makeup artist.

This video demonstrates easy to follow professional gele tieing techniques and tips ensuring you get that perfect flawless finish for any celebration.

Skill and expertise with application is of prime importance. Every makeup artist/ gele tieing specialist has her unique ideas and method for achieving the perfect gele.

Adenike Ogungbe of EWAR makeovers, has a way of making very large aso-oke gele look very small and pretty too, as you will see from the photos of real brides below, the make-up are not just flawless, but very simple, modest and chic.

Check out some of the jobs she’s done in the past and you can see the flawless and beautiful way she ties the ‘gele’ here.